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Electric Violin Rock Stars FUSE (Linzi Stoppard / Ben Lee) Rock the Royal Albert Hall

Welcome to the most exciting and in demand Electric String Act in the World, an experience you will never forget.

Electric string quartets are yesterday's news - 2 is the new 4

FUSE is the most exciting and in demand electric violin act on the planet, leaving string quartets standing still. For more information see www.electricstringquartet.com
NEW - FUSE official website launched with Music from their debut album, Videos, News and exclusive Gallery - click HERE

To view FUSE's video as the new 'face of' international music-video channel C Music visit www.linzistoppard.com or http://cmusic.tv/artists/FUSE/

Linzi Stoppard

Linzi Stoppard Electric Violinist - FUSE

Linzi Stoppard is a dazzling electric violinist...OK! agrees that her stunning looks and energetic performances are, when mixed together, an intoxicating form.Linzi Stoppard has it all." OK Magazine

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Linzi Stoppard is an electric violinist; who pushes the boundaries of musical convention with her passionate, live sets of rock, chill, dance and contemporary melodies. Ever challenging and always inventive, Linzi has transfixed audiences the world over with passionate and mesmerising performances. Each live set that Linzi plays sees musical influences from The Stones to Cafe del Mar bursting to life through electric strings and a bow that she wields like a magic wand.

With a sound ranging from the more chilled tracks (aka Enigma) to the vibrant rockier sound (aka Hendrix); her performance is a show in its own right and definitely not CLASSICAL!

Linzi is to the violin what Dita Von Teese is to ballet: she has taken her craft, made it her own and updated it for lovers of 21st century performance and art.

Linzi has been playing the violin since she was four and trained at the prestigious Suzuki violin school. Her musical success began in her late teens she was then spotted by two music producers who convinced her to front cult American group “Lords o Acid”, so she moved to Belgium and recorded Tattoo of Pain (vocals/electric violin). It resulted in major record deals around the world including EMI Europe and Never Records USA.

After the success of the album she was signed to EMI Belgium where she formed Babe Instinct and recorded "Disco Babes From Outer Space" which was a hit across Europe.

Official Website - Home of Linzi Stoppard, electric violin player

Linzi Stoppard's Electric Violinist Myspace website
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Linzi is one half of the Coolest Electric Violin act on the planet! - FUSE | www.myspace.com/fusemusic

FUSE - Electric Violining Duo


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New Band - FUSE - Electric violining duo
Welcome to FUSE - Linzi's new electric rock violin playing group - acclaimed electric violinist Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee are renown for performing to AAA listers, royalty and launching super brands around the world. After much speculation FUSE have been confirmed as the 'face of' international classical chillout music-video TV channel C Music TV. To celebrate, FUSE's head-turning video 'Glorious' will premiere across the globe on the C Music TV network

FUSE - aka Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee's debut video is getting a global release on C Music TV
Electric Violin Rock Stars FUSE (Linzi Stoppard / Ben Lee) Rock the Royal Albert Hall
Electric Violin Duo FUSE Linzi Stoppard Ben Lee Rock London

Linzi Stoppard and Ben Levi have been playing our violins for a number of years, and we’re very excited they have come together to form their new electric violin duo, ‘Fuse’. In support of their work with the CLIC Sargent charity, we are making two stunning gold custom violins for their performances with Fuse, and winners of the Share-a-Stage competition. What a fantastic opportunity for the winner of this competition to play onstage with these two outstanding violinists at Glastonbury.

FUSE Rock Coldplay FIX YOU Violinists Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee Live At The Royal Albert Hall

String Super Group FUSE rock the Royal Albert Hall with a performance of Coldplay's "Fix You". With FUSE's eagerly awaited debut album out in the Spring Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee have already been labeled as the "most innovative electric string group for over a decade".
No reality TV shows, just talent. FUSE are breaking a new violin dawn.
This track is indicative of what to expect from the first string act to challenge convention for over a generation. Enjoy & come and see us at www.myspace.com/fusemusic

Electric Violin Hero Led Zeppelin / Carmina Burana by Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee FUSE

Rock electric violinists Linzi Stoppard & Ben Lee perform a preview of album tracks live in Athens. This is a snippet of one of the great tracks from their forthcoming album - a fusion of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" and Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana". The idea for the track was first performed by FUSE in Spring 2008 but took on a completely new life when FUSE tucked themselves away in rehearsal studios experimenting with analogue sounds for the album's preparation. It is just a taste of what is to come on the trailblazing album, already earmarked to raise the benchmark for electric string groups & quartets alike.

Glastonbury Competition
In March, Linzi will be launching a national competition to Share a Stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival. Any 13-24 year olds wishing to enter will need to upload a video of their solo or bands musical performance. Entries will be judged by the same team that has run the festival's New Talent competition since 2004. The lucky winner will play a set on the Late N Live stage run by Concrete Recordings. Keep checking the CLIC seargent website for more info. Linzi Stoppard, one half of the electric violin duo Fuse, launched the competition called 'Share A Stage' at St Laurence School in Bradford on Avon. The aim of 'Share a Stage' is to raise awareness for Practice-a-thon, a CLIC Sargent initiative designed to encourage young people to practice their music and raise money for children with cancer. At the launch Linzi and her fellow Fuse band member Ben Lee performed live to an audience made up of the school's music students and a group of young people from the area who are supported by CLIC Sargent. This group included Tom Hunt, a 17 year old from Bristol, who has recovered from extensive surgery and cancer treatment.

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